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Hypnotherapy - From £40.00

Hypnotherapy is a remarkable therapy

The Uses for Hypnotherapy are many and varied and with modern techniques, can bring about amazing results.

Lets look at some of the ways in which Hypnotherapy can benefit YOU

Weight Loss
- using Gastric Band Hypnosis, you can achieve fantastic results which will help you to change all of the bad eating habit you may have developed.

Glove Anaesthesia
- A wonderful tool for pain management and works very successfully at treating all types of pain.

Smoking cessation
- If you have tried everything to give up then you really should give this a try. It has proved immensely successful

Anxiety & Stress
- the modern day demon that plagues all of us with busy lives.  Hypnotherapy will help you wash away all of the stress and anxiety and help you face the future

Confidence and Low Self Esteem
- Hypnotherapy will help to boost confidence and see yourself as you are really are…..really rather wonderful

- from fear of flying to spiders

Grief and bereavement
  - Hypnotherapy can help you to deal with the barrage of emotions that you may be feeling and help you live with the loss and find some peace

I am absolutely dedicated to helping you beat all of these problems and will work with you to resolve all of the issues that you have to enable you to embrace the future and enjoy your life.
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